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Why our education system has some explaining to do...

I’m not sure about you but when I was at school the only nutrition education I was exposed to was the food pyramid and a home economics class where we learnt how to cook (not necessarily anything healthy either).

At home we ate reasonably healthy, mostly meat and 3 veggies, packed lunches and junk food was kept as a treat on the weekend….

But, I never understood why we had to eat veggies and keep treats for the weekend.

So, when I ventured out on my own I took every opportunity to have junk food… which was detrimental to my health to say the least!

I suppose it’s expected that the parents are the ones who educate their children about food and cooking, however for them to have done this they would have had to had some sort of training in the fundamentals of nutrition, which most didn’t when I was growing up and I’m sure that’s the case for you too….

But, what if your parents had been trained in the fundaments of nutrition?

Imagine if they know exactly what types of foods to feed you as child, the correct portion sizes, the importance of chewing food thoroughly, not drinking liquids whilst eating, ensuring treats are kept as treats (not had every day) and how to prepare healthy meals plus explained to you why healthy foods are important.

We’d likely look and feel very different to how we are today and we wouldn’t have the dilemmas that we face in society when it comes to weight gain, obesity, fatigue, sickness and diseases contributed by a poor diets.

But what if you were able to learn the fundaments of nutrition and were able to pass this knowledge on to your children, family and friends?

This is why I've created an online course on the Fundamentals of Nutrition to find out more visit:

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