If you’re wanting to lose weight without dieting, have more energy, improve your eating habits and/or better manage a condition / disease

…then you’ve come to the right place!

I have helped hundreds of individuals make real and lasting change in a way that is simple, easy and sustainable where they:

  • have lost weight and keep it off

  • have increased their energy levels

  • have created a positive relationship with food

  • felt comfy in their clothes again

  • were able to better manage a condition/disease

  • felt more confident and happier in their own skin

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How I can help

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If you are wanting to lose weight without dieting, improve your eating habits, increase energy levels and/or better manage a disease / condition then I can certainly help.

My name is Louise Ellen Kaiser and I'm a qualified Nutritionist based in Darwin (born & raised in Perth). I run an evening and weekend nutrition clinic in Woodroffe (Palmerston) and I offer consults via Video for those intra/interstate or Face-to-Face if you're based in Darwin.​


As a Nutritionist I work with you to create an easy to follow and sustainable plan that is tailored to your dietary needs and lifestyle habits.


This plan is also simple and easy to implement, which is perfect for those who don't have a lot of time!

Ready to take the next step?

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Health fund rebates available from: AHM, HBF, HCF, GU Health, Australian Unity, CBHS, Medibank and NIB only



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Why dieting doesn't work

Diets dramatically restrict your food intake and deprive you of core nutrients and foods – in other words they cause the body to starve (hence being incredibly hard to stick to) which causes rapid weight loss.


If you’ve ever felt like you lack the will power, you’re not able to be consistent, you’re not motivated enough to see it through or dieting has affected your self-esteem and confidence – this is why


Because most diets come with a “quick weight loss” promise they’re super enticing and can be impossible to resist, however as they are hard to stick to it’s the reason why many people try one diet after the other hoping they’ll find the “one” that works for them – known as YoYo dieting.


Did you know that by time a women is 45, she will have tried 61 diets and on average a women spends 31 years of her life dieting?


The thing is… even if you manage to lose weight on a diet, you’ll often find it will come back on over time and cause you to be back to square one which can leave feeling like losing weight is not possible for you. Why does this happen? Because when you restrict your food intake to lose weight you’re not actually addressing the cause of the weight gain which is often comes down to your diet & lifestyle habits.


If your diet and lifestyle habits remain unchanged after going on a diet it’s simply a matter of time until that weight is gained back and you embark on another diet cycle.


This is where creating healthy habits come in and how you can break the diet cycle for good!


When you begin improving your eating and lifestyle habits over a period of time in a way that is simple, easy and sustainable you naturally lose weight and keep it off, have more energy, create a positive relationship with food, feel comfy in your clothes again, have more confidence and feel happier overall.

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