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How to create an easy to follow exercise routine that lasts!

If you struggle with exercising regularly know you are not alone.

We all know we need exercise and in a perfect world we'd be exercising every single day and feeling super active!

However... add a busy job, personal commitments, family and even study to the mix and regular exercise tends to be the first thing to go out the window.

When you're overloaded with too many things to do it's just easier to drop those self care practices than try to fit yet another thing into your busy schedule.

However, it's the self care practices like regular exercise that helps you stay strong, reduces stress, feel energised, keeps the weight down, clears your mind and helps you sleep.

This is why today I wanted to share how to create an easy to follow exercise routine that lasts.

Starting with....​​

Looking at exercise differently.... seeing it as a part of who we are i.e. seeing yourself as being an active person vs someone who just sees it as another thing to do.

Thenchanging your mindset around what exercise means to you - does it mean hard work, pain, struggle or another thing to do or does/could it mean a stress release, feeling strong, feeling energised, sleeping better, more flexible?

From here start looking at different ways to incorporate movement into your day vs in just set blocks i.e. taking the stairs, parking the car further away, going for a 15 minute walk during your lunch break, getting up regularly from your desk, stretching your body before going to bed etc...

And lastly, do exercise that you actually enjoy doing vs what you think you "should do" - if you like walking vs going to the gym do that! If you like to dance, do it! There are so many fun ways to incorporate exercise in your daily life - pick a few things that light you up and give them ago.

When you start incorporating a few of these suggestions into your daily routine you'll be surprised at how much easier it is to exercise more regularly.

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