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Ultimate Meal Planning Kit ($35.00)

This kit is for those who want to improve their eating habits, lose a few extra kilos and have more energy, but don’t have the time to work out where to start or what to eat each day!​ Includes a comprehensive 14 Day Meal Plan with recipes and a shopping list to match plus an easy to follow Meal Planning Guide, more recipes and a Must Have Pantry Items checklist.

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Weight Loss Without Dieting Starter Kit ($37.00)

This kit is for you if you're wanting to do away with dieting and improve your eating habits, lose those extra kilos and have more energy​... all in a way that is simple and sustainable long term! Includes a DIY Diet and Lifestyle Plan Training where you'll create your Personalised Plan (without needing to see a Nutritionist), A Creating Healthy Habits Step-by-Step Guide with a bunch of templates plus a 12 Step Guide to Healthy Eating and a 5 Day Detox Guide.

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Healthy Meal Plan Bundle ($57​.00)

This bundle includes 5 different Meal Plans with Shopping Lists and easy tasty Recipes, 14 weeks of meals all planned out and ready to go, over 250 healthy, easy & tasty recipes. It's suitable for singles, couples, families and those with gluten/lactose intolerances.

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Fundamentals of Nutrition Online Program ($197)

This program gives you a comprehensive understand the fundamentals of nutrition and how the body works, it will give you the knowledge on what to eat, when and how much and empower you take control of your health moving forward. It includes 6 videos, handouts and worksheets plus bonus food fact sheets.

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Empowered Healthy Habits Online Program ($497)

This program is an 8 week online transformation that includes 8 core trainings, worksheets and handouts to equip you with the tools and knowledge to be your own Nutritionists so you know exactly what to do to lose those extra kilos and keep them off, have more energy and lead a healthier lifestyle in a way that is simple and sustainable. Payment plan also available.

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