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Why failing is part of the weight loss process

Do you sometimes/often feel like you're not making any traction with your weight loss goals? You're not alone.

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off or leading a healthier lifestyle, there’s one thing I can guarantee you: Failure is not only inevitable (in some form), but it’s actually necessary…

That changes everything doesn’t it? It means you can treat every experience as an experiment. It takes the pressure off.

I’ve got a good example of this actually…

Remember when you were a child and you were learning to walk? I see you rolling your eyes, but bare with me…

The first time you tried, you fell then you got up again, then fell and got up and repeated the process over and over again… something we as adults call a “failed attempt”.

However, you didn’t let that stop you and you continued to get up and try… all the while learning / changing your approach along the way.

When you eventually took your first few steps you were likely wobbling all over the place because you were strengthening your foundations to be able to walk.

Then, one miraculous day you were able to get up, walk and continue walking without falling over!

Imagine if you fell down 10 times and you parents said… oh well that’s enough now, they’ve failed.

Failure actually comes from the school system, getting an “F” on something is like a life sentence! However, it’s not true… it’s information and telling you to try again or change your approach – not give up.

Look, I know this journey isn’t always easy. And sometimes we put so much work and heart into making key changes and for whatever reason, it doesn’t work.

I want to encourage you today to see that as simply ‘failing forward.’ It’s a part of the road to success, not a detour or lost path somewhere.

So, keep failing and moving forward making a few simple changes at a time, strengthening that foundation and changing your approach when needed.

You’ve got this!

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