Watching your portion sizes

It's important to regularly look at your portion sizes as it's a habit that easily get's out of control and can contribute to weight gain, fatigue and all sorts of health issues.

Eating large portions can:

  1. distend/stretch the stomach and put strain on the body

  2. cause reflux as the digestive acid has back flowed into your throat

  3. cause pain and bloating from being over full

  4. cause you to feel fatigued and tired during the day

  5. Contribute to weight gain due to consuming more food than the body can utilise

When working out how much to eat simply clasp both your hands together…this is the size of your stomach and how much food can fit into it once chewed, noting additional room is required so it has room to effectively carry out digestion.

If you are eating large a portions start looking at ways to reduce those portions down.

This may include:

  • reducing your portion by 1/5

  • chewing your food thoroughly

  • avoiding sitting in front of the TV as this can cause you to overeat

  • using a smaller plate/bowl

  • making a more nutrient dense meal so you feel full quicker

Give this a go this week. You'll surprised at how a few simple changes can make a big difference!

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