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How to boost your energy levels in 5 simple steps!

Are you beginning to feel a little burnt out? Perhaps you’re starting to revert to old eating habits, not exercising as much and starting to feel more tired and lethargic during the day?

It happens! 

Plus it’s that time of year, being 6 weeks before Christmas, where you can start to feel an unwinding starting to happen. But that doesn’t mean you have pack it in and think to yourself “I’ll just start my healthy lifestyle again in the new year” 

…because continuing down that path just leads to weight gain, feeling tired, lethargic and unmotivated. 

Plus wouldn’t you rather feel energised, motivated and nourished all the way up until Christmas so you can be feeling at your very best and really enjoy the Christmas holidays?

I get what it’s like to feel you just want to wind down, I was there only a few weeks ago! 

I’ve had a big year (as you may have too), it’s the wet season here in Darwin so you start to feel more tired due to the humidity and I stopped exercising as much and started to eat less raw veggies.

But, I noticed by doing that I started to feel more tired and lethargic. Plus I had things I wanted to achieve before Christmas and being like that would not help me get there.

So what did I do?

I recognised that I had veered off track, I pulled myself up, dusted myself off and applied my 5 step formula which works every time.

I started by getting some inspiration from one of my Lorna Jane books (I love that woman) and visualised what I wanted to create… Which was feeling nourished, energised and fit. 

I then ramped up my exercise by going for regular walks and to the gym! 

I also looked at my diet, and although it was healthy it needed more raw veggies so I started increasing more salads, green smoothies and juices.

Plus I looked at my attitude and told myself no excuses - I will make this happen. 

I did a review on my progress today and I feel back to my energised self. 

We are all human and if you veer off the healthy lifestyle path just know it’s not about being perfect it’s about recognising that you’ve steered off course, dusting yourself off and putting yourself back on track. 

If you’re feeling like life may have steered you off course and you’re ready to dust yourself off then check out my 5 step formula below.

5 Step Formula to Boosting your Energy Levels

  1. Visualise the future “you” that is energised fit and health

  2. Start moving more by walking, going to the gym or attending a fitness class

  3. Look at a few of the eating habits that aren’t serving you and replace them with healthier habits

  4. Adopt a “I’ve got this” or a “never give up” attitude

  5. Review your progress each week to keep yourself on track

If you’d like to learn how to make a few changes to your eating and lifestyle habits in a way that is quick and easy simply book in for your FREE 30 Minutes Intro Session today. Visit:

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