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Aren’t Healthy Meals Bland, Time Consuming & Expensive?

This question is something I often get asked and I put it down to not knowing how to make delicious healthy foods, seeing healthy recipes online or in cookbooks with a ridiculously long list of ingredients, ingredients you may have never heard of plus recipes with a 10 step method… seriously who has the time to do that? Not you I’m guessing… me either!

I’ve always been a huge advocate for making healthy meals quick, easy and tasty plus I don’t find ingredients to be that expensive…. however that’s my opinion and I’m biased I suppose.

This weekend I had a great morning with one of my lovely clients cooking up a bunch of tasty and healthy recipes. 

She was surprised by how delicious each meal was, how each recipe only took 20 minutes to make and overall the cost per serve was $5.00.

How is this possible? I put it down to these 6 factors:

  1. Making meals with few ingredients (up to 10 is a good number

  2. Using ingredients that are simple to find such as at your local markets, Coles or Woolworths

  3. Using ingredients that last a reasonable time such as what may already be in your pantry i.e. oils, salts, seasonings, whole grains, rices, nuts & seeds etc…  

  4. Using similar veggies per recipe i.e. buying x10 different types (i.e. Zucchini, Red Capsicum, Green Capsicum, Spinach, Tomatos, Asparagus, Sweet Potato, Cucumber, Carrot, Broccoli etc…) and using at least x5 different veggies per meal

  5. Making meals in bulk so you can divide them up and freeze, this makes for a quick and simple re-heat and add a side of salad or veggies

  6. Pre chopping ingredients for use over a few days saving you precious time.

So if you'd like to check out some recipes which are tasty, quick to make and reasonably priced per serve then visit:

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