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6 Simple ways to shed a few extra kilos before Christmas

Have you been worrying about what the Christmas period may do to your waistline?

Around this time of year clients often tell me they worry that all their weight loss efforts will be undone over the Christmas period.

But worry not! I have a few things in store for you over the next few weeks to help you manage this time of year in a way that is doable.

Including sharing with you a heavily discounted bundle offer that I'm putting together to help you transform your eating habits and waistline in a way that is simple, easy and sustainable long term (watch out for the blog post next week).

Today though, I thought I'd share some simple ways to shed those extra kilos before the Christmas period.

Because there are a few simple changes you can make right now which will help with not only improving your eating habits and energy levels but also help with shedding a few extra kilos before Christmas.

Let's get into them!

1. Switch up your snacks by having something green every second day ie. green smoothie, veggie sticks with hommus, smashed avocado with rice crackers or healthy peanut butter on celery.

2. Navigate work Christmas parties by drinking in moderation, having a glass of water in between drinks to stay hydrated and choosing the healthiest food options available i.e. if there are salad/vegetable options - go for these.

3. Aim to have 1-2 handfuls of salad with your lunch to help with boosting energy and nutrient levels which assists with losing those extra kilos. For healthy lunch ideas click here.

4. Practice eating mindfully by eating lunch away from technology to allow your brain some space to recharge and by chewing your food thoroughly. This helps to reduce overeating and improving digestion.

5. Look for ways to move more throughout the day whether that is getting up regularly from your desk throughout the day and doing a few laps of the office, going for a short minute walk during your lunch break and/or taking the stairs.

6. Spend 20 minutes on the weekend planning your weekly meals then do a food shop so you have everything ready to go to save you time, money & give you peace of mind. I have a meal planning kit that helps you do just that and includes a 3 week meal plan, shopping lists & matching recipes (click here to check it out).

Get started today by putting a few of these things in place. You'll be surprised at how a few simple changes can make a big difference.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you leading into the Christmas period.

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