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Got reflux? Here's 5 simple ways to reduce it

I've received a few emails from clients and about reflux and have noticed the topic coming up quite a bit amongst family and friends so I thought I'd share some simple ways to reduce / manage its occurrence today.

Reflux occurs with stomach acid or bile travels into your throat and irritates the lining causing a burning sensation.

If reflux is left unchecked and occurs more than twice a week it may indicate GERD (Gastro-esophageal reflux disease) which can then lead into Barrett's esophagus (if left untreated).

Rather than let it get that far, here are 5 things you can start incorporating in your daily routine today to reduce/manage reflux:

  1. Reduce aggravating factors such as alcohol, smoking, spicy foods, red meat, stress etc...

  2. Have smaller portions & chewing your food thoroughly

  3. Avoid drinking while eating (wait 30-45min after eating)

  4. Stay hydrated (having at least 2L of water a day)

  5. Increase your intake of vegetables (colourful, leafy green & non-starchy)

Just a side note - it's best to avoid antacids (if possible) as they reduce the acid strength in your stomach which can result in GUT issues such as pain, bloating, gas & nutrient absorption issues.

If you suffer from bouts of reflux, I hope these 5 suggestions are helpful to you.

Or you'd like specific help with managing reflux including a meal plan and recipe ideas please feel free to book an appointment with me at:

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