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Had enough of trying to work out what to make for dinner every single night of your life?

….not to mention working out what to have for breakfast, lunch and for snacks!

Introducing the Healthy Recipe Bundle

Makes finding healthy and tasty meals quick and easy!

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Does this sound familiar?


Each afternoon after work you're faced with the same dilemma... what on earth am I going to make for dinner tonight?

You know you should stop making the same things each and every week

....but sometimes it's just easier!


And… you know that there are healthy and tasty recipes out there waiting to be discovered

…but finding them is another story

That is where the Healthy Meal Plan Bundle comes in… and why you won't need to worry about what to eat ever again!


  1. Having over 140 healthy recipes that taste great and are easy to make

  2. Having a variety of healthy recipes to choose from

  3. Recipes that are friendly for everyone including those who are lactose intolerant, gluten free, vegetarian or vegan.

  4. Not needing to work out what to eat for dinner as you will already have this sorted

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What's included in the Healthy Recipe Bundle?

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79 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Recipes

24 breakfast recipes that are gluten & lactose free or have alternatives provided (23 Vegetarian & 14 Vegan) 

11 lunch recipes recipes that are gluten & lactose free or have alternatives provided (6 vegetarian & 4 vegan)

44 Dinner recipes (12 vegetarian and 11 vegan), Many are gluten & lactose free or have alternatives provided.

35 Snack and Smoothie Recipes

24 snack recipes and 11 smoothie recipes to choose from. Most are vegan, vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free.

27 Dinner Sides, Salad & Soup Recipes

9 dinner sides,  11 salads and 7 soups to choose from. Most are vegan, vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free.

Plus these additional bonuses!

Updated Meal Planning Kit_edited.png

Meal Planning Guide & Basics Cooking Guides

The Meal Planning Guide will walk you through a meal planning system that takes just 20 minutes a week and the Basics Cooking Guide takes the guess work out of cooking certain items i.e. roast veggies, fish, meat & poultry, jacket potato etc... 

DIY Guides.png

Meal Guides that makes coming up with healthy meals easy!

The 5 Step Healthy Dinner Formula, Make Your Own Poke Bowl Guide and a Healthy Lunchbox Ideas Guide gives you many more ways to make a variety of different healthy and tasty recipes.


An easy to use Meal Planning Template that makes planning your weekly meals a cinch!

This template is perfect for doing your meal planning each week. It's in an excel spreadsheet which means you can easily type in what you're going to eat each day and create duplicate weeks that you can refer back to, which makes planning your meals each week super easy!


Must Have Pantry Items that Nutritionists swear by!

In this handout you'll receive a list of must have pantry items so you know what key ingredients to be stocking in your pantry. When you have these items it makes your weekly food shopping quick and easier as many of the ingredients last longer than a week, some a month or more.

Please Note:

These recipes do not include calorie or macro/micro nutrient amounts. They are simply healthy recipes with serving size amounts put together to nourish your whole body.

Download Free Sample

Not sure if you'll like the recipes? Download a free sample of 10 of the recipes in the bundle to see if they're for you!




Hi There!

I'm Louise, a qualified Nutritionist who loves food, meal planning and helping individuals do away with dieting and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle instead.

I run a nutrition clinic in Darwin, Australia and I see clients all over Australia.

This recipe bundle was created out of a need for more healthy and tasty recipes for my clients on top of the recipes within the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Kit.​

Hear from those who have purchased products in the past

Jennifer M (Recipe Bundle).jpg

I want to make sure you love this bundle!


I get it, times like these even the smallest of investments make you think twice. So I am taking away all the risk.

Because if you jump in and buy this bundle today, you are 100% covered by my 7-day money back guarantee.

So if at any time in the next 7-days, you think this is not AT LEAST worth the teeny investment you are making today, all you need to do is email me and let me know and I'll refund you in full.

So you literally have nothing to lose (and oh so much to gain!)

If you're ready to not have to worry about what to eat each day, have a meal planning system that takes just 20 minutes a week and heap of healthy recipes that taste great and are easy to make...

Then click on the button below

Imagine if...

You felt lighter and had more energy in a matter of weeks?

You were able to plan out your weekly meals in around 20 minutes?

You had a bunch of easy to make and tasty healthy recipes?


You were able to be consistent with eating healthier because you found a way that makes it easy?

This is how it really can be and how it can be for you moving forward

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