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[3-Part Series] Prevent Feeling Stagnant and Board (last one!)

Welcome to the last part of the 3 Part Series on Overcoming the Top 3 Blocks that prevent most women from making sustainable change!

This last part is all about how to prevent feeling stagnant and board.

Do you find that once you’ve made positive changes to your diet and lifestyle you eventually start to feel stagnant then board?

This is normal and happens to everyone.

One of our core human needs is “variety” and when we repetitively do the same thing over and over again it causes us to get stagnant then board.

Often when we make changes to our diet and lifestyle we get to a point where we feel like “thats enough for now” and we stop and get comfortable.

We may have put in place a bunch of new recipes to try, a daily exercise regime, morning routine etc…

But after a while of eating the same recipes, doing the same exercise and the same morning routine we begin to feel stagnant or get board with it and crave a bit of variety.

The best way to prevent getting to this point is by reviewing your progress on a regular basis to see what is working, what is not working and what change can you put in place to keep yourself on track.

As an example you may decide to change out some of those recipes for new ones, change up your exercise regime or create a whole new morning routine.

Todays challenge is to have a think about one thing that is starting to feel stagnant or is becoming boring then look at what changes you can make to it today.

Take action now! To help you feel supported and accountable share the one change you made in the Healthy Habits Made Easy Facebook Group so we can all cheer you on! And that's a wrap! I hope you got a lot out of the 3 Part Series!

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