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7 Healthy Freezer Friendly Meals

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Last week I mentioned that I'll be finalising the updated version of the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Kit and this will now be live on Friday, which means the price will increase to $45.00 from then on in.

The updated electronic version will include these additional items:

  • Getting Started Guide

  • Basics Cooking Guide

  • 3 Weekly Meal Plans (vs 2 weeks)

  • 3 Weekly Detailed Shopping Lists (vs 2 weeks)

  • Many more recipes (with pictures) including new dinner recipes, salads and freezer friendly meals

Plus there is now a printed version available which is great if you're a paper person like me as it's all nicely printed and organised in one spot.

Please note you can still get the current electronic version for $35.00 (until Friday) and when the updated version is uploaded online you'll have access to the upgraded version for free!

To check out the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Kit visit:

7 Healthy Freezer Friendly Meals

Part of the upgraded Kit includes these 7 Heathy Freezer Friendly Meals which you can download for free by clicking here

Having healthy meals in the freezer that are ready to go or that you can just add a side to makes life much that easier, especially when you lead a busy one! This is just one of the many upgrades being made to the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Kit. To find out more about the Kit visit:

Wishing you a great day!

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