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Why sugar is the problem, not you!

If you find yourself constantly reaching for a sugary treat (especially in the afternoons) or cant seem to stop yourself when you start eating a block of chocolate...

Please know you are NOT the problem, sugar is!

So often we think we are the problem and that we alone need to have better will power, be stronger with ourselves or just resist those urges.

However, this never works and only leads you to feeling like you're not capable of doing that and perhaps there is something wrong with you, which is not the case.

Sugar is the problem and is actually HIGHLY addictive and the more you have it the worse that addiction can get.

It can feel controlling and like there is nothing you can do but succumb to the urges only to find they keep coming back, because sugar will never satisfy what the body actually needs.

There are so many reasons why we crave sugar and more often than not I find it's due to a nutrient deficiency, skipping meals or not getting enough macro and micro nutrients via the diet.

I often say that if you crave sugar that's your body telling you that your body is actually craving nutrients and this is the only way it knows how to express that to you.

I personally was a sugar addict back before I started on my nutrition journey... I'd drive for 30 minutes to this one deli that would make up a white bag of lollies for me (strawberry creams, race cars, pineapples & chico babies) and I'd consume the whole bag in 1-2 sittings.

It was no wonder I had bad teeth, was always tired and so many digestive issues back then!

I have also worked with a lot of clients who have struggled with being addicted to sugar and when we address those nutrient deficiencies and/or improve those eating habits they don't feel those cravings anymore... they simply disappear.

If you'd like some help with this please feel free to book an appointment with me (in-person or via Telehealth).

I can help you in creating a Sustainable Healthy Eating Plan to curb sugar cravings which is tailored to your stage in life, dietary needs, habits and busy lifestyle.

For more information simply reply to this email (I'm just on the other end) or visit:

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