Why it's important to stay hydrated

Updated: Jul 25

Did you know that your body comprises of 50-80% water (depending on lean body mass) and that it's a crucial component of all bodily fluids: blood, lymph, digestive juices, urine, tears and sweat?

Water is involved in almost every function such as: circulation, digestion, absorption and elimination of waste.

It's recommended that you drink 2 - 3 litres of pure water per day, more if you exercise regularly and live in hot and humid temperatures i.e. Darwin / Queensland.

Ideally (especially if you're not drinking enough water) you want to be getting into the habit of increasing your intake of pure water by at least 1/2 a litre extra per week until you've reached the recommended amount.

Please note this does not include: tea, coffee or soft drink

If you are not drinking enough water start increasing your water intake to the recommended 2-3L per day.

Some ways to increase your water intake includes:

  • drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning

  • carrying a water bottle with you

  • setting reminders in your phone

  • drinking a glass of water before each main meal

Give this a go this week. You'll surprised at how a few simple changes can make a big difference!

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