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Why Getting Nutrition Advice From Your Friend May Set You Up To Fail

I had a client come and see me the other day who has been making amazing progress with changing her eating habits and losing the extra kilo's and she mentioned to me that a friend at work knew this person who'd been on this shake diet and had lost 5kg's really quickly, so her friend thought she'd give it a go...

Because sometimes it's just easier give in to the temptation and fantasy of going on a diet and losing the weight quickly...  

When I saw this client again, she mentioned her friend tried the shake diet and lost a few kilos but not as much as she wanted because she found it too restrictive and, as she hadn't actually changed her eating habits, when she stopped the shake diet she was starting to gain it all back on again...

My client said she was thankful that I was helping her changing her eating habits because she knows she's making long term changes vs. trying a quick fix with unfulfilled expectations.

Our friends often have the very best intensions and want to help us, but the advice given is often unsubstantiated and not necessarily right for you.

In this video I talk about why getting nutrition advice from your friend may set you up to fail.

We are unique beings and have different body types, different metabolisms and ways of eating. Something may work for someone but not someone else, which is why trying a one size fits all diet doesn't work.

This is why it's important to get advice from someone who has the experience and knowledge in Nutrition, can tailor make a program that suites your body, diet and lifestyle plus (most importantly) has your very best intentions at heart.

If you'd like some help with changing your eating habits so you can lose those extra kilo's and keep them off for the long term why not book a FREE 30 Minute Consult via phone by visiting:

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