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Why dieting sets you up to fail and what to do instead.

Sarah came to seem me not so long ago… she had always struggled with her weight and had always dieted on and off. She would often feel tired, cloudy minded and not really motivated to do anything about it.  Finally, she had enough and was ready to try something different and decided to book in and see a Nutritionist. During our appointment Sarah shared with me her experience with dieting…   When I explained to her that dieting would not help her to lose the weight and keep it off for the long term andthat the whole dieting scene is actually setting her up to fail...she was shocked!  And you know what else we did?  We made a few quick and easy changes to her eating and lifestyle habits.  Sarah is now she is on her way to being at her ideal weight, having more energy, feeling vibrant again! I feel blessed to be able to work with clients like Sarah because the results are life changing.  Not only has Sarah put a stop to a vicious dieting cycle, but she now has the knowledge and tools to keep herself on track and the ability to share this with her family, friends and anyone who comes to pass.  Dieting, put simply, is a quick way to lose weight and put it all back on again (plus some more).  The idea of it lures you in making you feel like you can quickly lose those extra kilo’s to fit into that gorgeous dress for your friends wedding or that sexy bathing suite for your upcoming holiday. The reality of it though is when you diet it has you feel completely and utterly restricted and unsatisfied.  Not only that, it causes food deprivation (a horrible feeling you experience when you feel like you can NEVER EVER have that delicious chocolate cake ever again!) and intense cravings followed by binge eating… It makes you feel like you have no self discipline or control as it causes addictions to food and it slowly chips away at your self esteem in the process. If this is you, don’t worry… because there is a quick and easy solution. It’s making a few changes to your eating and lifestyle habits (in a way that is quick and easy) which I like to call “Nourished Living”. Which, put simply, is about eating foods that nourish your body and creating nourishing habits that support your lifestyle. Nourished living itself is a lifestyle and one that is free from restriction and addiction. You feel satisfied after eating and yes you can still eat your favorite foods.  Oh, and intense cravings and binge eating becomes a thing of the past too. It also helps you lose weight and keep it off for the long term, have more energy and builds self-confidence.  If you’d like to learn how to make a few changes to your eating and lifestyle habits in a way that is quick and easy book in for your FREE 30 Minutes Intro Session today. Visit:

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