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Why being consistent is nearly impossible to achieve

Today I wanted to share my thoughts about "consistency" and how being consistent with eating healthy, exercising regularly or making healthy food choices is nearly impossible.

What!? I know it sounds crazy, but let me share with you why....

Consistency is about doing something (i.e. a habit or routine) every single time without fail.

That means eating healthy and never having anything unhealthy, exercising regularly and never missing a day or always making healthy food choices without ever faltering.

The thought of it sounds super restrictive to me.... just like a DIET!

If we lived in a world where nothing changed and we were happy doing the same thing every single day without question then perhaps consistency could be achieved!

However most of us don't live in that world! We often live a life that is busy, spontaneous, full of interruptions and we have a mind that often changes its mind.

The need for being consistent comes from the diet culture.

Where in order to get specific results in a short period of time we need to be consistent and this is not sustainable long term.

Sustainability is about doing things that you can stick to long term with room for movement like having a piece of chocolate cake on occasion, ordering take away on a Friday night or skipping a days exercise when you need a rest day.

This is why I am about helping you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that lasts vs dieting.

One where you can lose weight and keep it off, have more energy, feel happier and confident in your own skin.

In summary, instead of focusing on trying to be consistent focus on putting habits and routines in place you can do most of the time. Things that are simple and easy for you and that you enjoy doing.

And... if you would like some help and strategies with creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle then why not book a nutrition consultation with me?

At the end of the appointment you'll have a personalised plan that has been tailored to your dietary needs and lifestyle habits with easy to put in place changes and tasty recipes.

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