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What To Do When You Lack The Motivation To Eat Healthy

Do you have those days where you're simply not motivated to eat healthy?

It could be due to being flat out and not having time, feeling sad which brings up old stuff and can cause you to reach for comfort food or simple feeling like you can't be bothered.

This is totally normal and we all go through those times.

But when you're wanting to make lasting change such as having more energy throughout the day, being at your ideal weight or living a healthier lifestyle those feelings can stop you dead in your tracks and make you feel like it's all too hard.

In todays video I share with what to do when you don't feel motivated to eat healthier, exercise or change your habits so you can easily get yourself back on track.

Check out the video below:

I hope those tips on what to do when you don't feel motivated were helpful.

Sometimes we think things are going to be bigger and much harder than what they really are, but in reality all it really takes is a few simple tweaks to get yourself back on track. 

Take Action Now

If you're in an unmotivated headspace what are 3 simple changes you make right now to get yourself back on track to achieving what you truly want? 

What ever the 3 things are that are specific to you put them in place this week. 

Want help in changing your eating habits?

If you'd like some help with changing your eating habits so you can have more energy, lose those extra kilo's and keep them off for the long term why not book in for a FREE 30 Minute Consult via phone by visiting:

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