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The sabotaging effects of night time snacking

Before we get into this weeks topic I just wanted to share that this week is Women's Health Week and it's a great reminder and time to turn inward and look at what are some simple changes you could make to improve your overall health and wellbeing. It's also September which marks the beginning of spring and this time is about rejuvenation, renewal and regrowth! A great time to clean out the old and make space for the new. One way to improve your overall health is looking at what habits are not serving you anymore i.e. night time snacking. If you find yourself needing something sweet after dinner or are still hungry after dinner this can be a sign that you may not be getting enough nutrition throughout the day. Night time snacking can sabotage your weight management efforts as when you eat chocolate, ice cream or biscuits before bed you have unused sugar floating around in your blood stream and when it's not utilised the body will store it as fat. Eating late at night can also cause sleep disturbances, especially if you've eating something sugary, as sugar has a stimulating effect. Not to mention causing you to feel tired the next morning as your digestive system has been up late working to breakdown and absorb what was eaten vs in restoration mode with the rest of the body which helps you feel alert and refreshed. If night time snacking is something that has become a habit for you, start changing this habit by making a few simple changes including:

  1. Increasing your nutrient intake (more whole foods) during the day

  2. Reducing the number of days you snack at night; or

  3. Introducing a new nighttime routine that serves you better

You'll be surprised at how a few simple changes can make a big difference.

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