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Stuck in a rut and can't get yourself out of it?

If you feel like you're stuck in a rut right now and find you can't seem to get yourself out of it...

Know you're not alone in this, its normal to have these times!

Times when we feel stuck, trapped in a self fulfilling cycle or just unable get to where you want to be.

You may feel like you "should" just be able to get yourself out of it but sometimes it's not that easy.

When you have these times it's important to be kind to yourself.

You're feeling stuck for a reason whether that's due to feeling run down, overworked, going through a tough time etc....

So often we feel like we "should" have to have it all together, able to juggle all the life plates and be doing life with ease, however we are human beings (not robots) and it's normal to go through up and down times.

What I find helpful in getting out of these ruts is:

  1. Acknowledging how you're feeling,

  2. Giving yourself the time and space to digest this feeling vs stuffing it down (ignoring it or using food)

  3. Addressing the cause, and

  4. When you're ready start making a few small changes at a time to help lift yourself out of it

I also find journalling really helpful when I go through these times, a process I call "writing it out".

It helps with expressing how you're feeling, getting to the root cause and coming up with solutions.

Talking it out with a friend or getting professional help can also be super helpful as sometime we aren't able to see what is standing in our way as we're too close to it.

If you're feeling stuck right now (or get stuck in the future), give these things ago.

And if you'd like to share what things you do to get out of feeling stuck I'd love to hear from you! Simply leave a comment below.

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