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Reinventing yourself in each new life season

Do you often look back at old photos of when you were in your 20's or 30's and wonder what happened to your waistline, energy levels or drive?

Rather than wishing you could go back to that old version of yourself, perhaps it's time to look at ways to reinvent yourself and how you do things as each new life season emerges?

A life season is when we move out of one life stage into another often around key years i.e. 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's etc...

Your 20's may have been a time of discovering who you are; your 30's may have been a time of motherhood and/or building a career; your 40's may be a time of raising children and/or expanding your career; and your 50's may be when you rediscover who you are after children and/or start to work toward working less.

As we move into each stage of our life we start to intuitively feel and notice little changes that were different before... which we can either ignore, get upset with or embrace.

It could be that the things you did in the past to lose a few cheeky kilo's don't work anymore, taking on too many things may be becoming unmanageable, you may be feeling more tired more often now or pushing yourself harder at the gym could now be causing pain and inflammation.

I've been going through this change of life season myself this year and it's certainly been a journey...

When I was in my 20's I used to be able to push myself hard, eat anything I wanted and had heaps of energy.

When I turned 30 I noticed what I ate effected my waistline and although I still had energy and drive I often experienced burn out.

Since turning 40 last December, I've noticed that my energy levels and drive are not what they used, I'm starting to go through perimenopause and my mind & body has calmed right down...

It's taken me all year to come to terms with it and accept it as I used to love getting sh*t done, being super driven and pushing myself - but it's not sustainable anymore.

It's not easy accepting and saying goodbye to your old self and ways of being.

This doesn't mean its all over! Instead it's about reinventing yourself in the life season you're in and embracing it.

It's about being smarter with how you spend your energy, what you commit to or take on, watching what you put into your body, incorporating a self care routine, choosing exercise that suites your needs better etc...

So, have a think about what life season you may be in right now, what changes you have noticed and what tweaks you could start making now to help you in this current/new life season.

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