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Overcome Self-Sabotaging Behaviours with this Simple Tool

We all have those times where we feel blocked, distracted or just feel a bit off in general.

When this happens it often results in self sabotaging behaviours in order to fill the void (i.e. emotional eating) or distract ourselves (i.e. watch TV) in the hopes that it will make us feel better.

But what if we saw these feelings not as something to be avoided or to run away from, but simply as a helpful indicator.

Just like the fuel gauge or oil light that comes up on our car dash telling us we need to add more fuel or oil to our vehicle.

Simply an indicator that the body uses to signal to you that something needs your attention right now in order to move towards what you want.

When we see these feelings as an indicator it gives us our power back vs feeling like our emotions are out of our control and the only way forward is to fill the void or distract ourselves until they go away.

A method I find particularly helpful in this progress is journalling.

Not just writing any old thing but instead:

  • unpacking what is going on for your right now

  • acknowledging it; and

  • looking at ways to see it differently, move forward or put things in place to prevent its reoccurrence in the future

To help you get started I have some great journalling questions I learn't when studying health coaching, which I refer to often and recommend to clients.

They help with uncovering what may be causing the feelings, looking at them differently and putting things in place to help you move forward:

  1. What am I feeling right now?

  2. What do I think / feel has trigger this feeling?

  3. What do I need right now? i.e. love, forgiveness, acknowledgement, rest

  4. What story am I telling myself about this feeling/situation?

  5. What story can I start telling myself instead?

  6. How do I want to feel?

  7. What would I like to be happening for me right now?

  8. What would I like to be different in my life?

  9. What can I start doing or thinking to help me move past this?

  10. What can I put in place right now to help me move forward?

Give this a go next time you feel blocked, distracted or just feel a bit off...

Simply see the feelings as an indicator and use journalling to help you uncover what may be causing the feelings, look at them differently and putting things in place to help you move forward.

The more you do this the easier it becomes and those self-sabotaging behaviours will become less and less.

Psst...If you would like some support in overcoming sabotaging behaviours, blocks and limiting beliefs why not join the Empowered Healthy Habits Community?

Each month (starting next Wednesday) we'll be doing a Monthly Group Coaching Sessions where you can ask questions, receive support, and have help with overcoming self sabotaging behaviours, blocks and limiting beliefs. To find out more click here.

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