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One reason why you can’t get rid of that extra potbelly, hips & back fat.


This post is about the one reason why you can’t get rid of that extra potbelly, hips & back fat.

Do you eat well but can’t seem to get rid of that extra fat?

Are you a constantly on the run, experience stress on a regular basis and need several shots of coffee to get you through the day?

I’m sorry to tell you this, but that extra potbelly, hips & back fat may not be coming off because you drink too much coffee.

I get it, I’m a lover of coffee myself!

It’s my morning ritual - I love the smell of the ground beans, that subtle boost it gives me and that grounded feeling.

When I’m having my morning coffee I plan out my day and when I’m finished I’m ready to get stuck into it.

But one shot of coffee a day (for me personally) is enough, any more and I’d be a hyperactive mess!

So if you’re finding it hard to get rid of that pot belly, hips & back fat and are finding the effects of coffee are making you over hyperactive, irritable, anxious or headachy this may be a sign that you’re consuming too much.

When your consume too much coffee this can set off your adrenals causing you to feel a boost in energy and when this occurs your body releases sugar as it thinks you need to get out of danger, which is SUPER useful if you are being chased by a lion…

But, if you’re simply sitting at your computer and working your butt off to meet a deadline (not running for your life) sugar is being dumped into your blood stream and because you haven’t been physically running for your life that sugar hangs around in your blood.

Then the body makes insulin to deal with that elevation in blood sugar and insulin is one of our main fat storage hormones (it’s super efficient, unfortunately).

It goes along and mops up all that sugar and stores its in the most inconvenient of places such as your hips, tummy and back.

Rather than cut out coffee all together, simply reduce it one shot at a time until you don’t feel hyperactive, irritable, anxious or headachy.

Or, if you want to cut out coffee all together you can replace it with green tea. Green tea contains natural caffeine and is high in antioxidants.

So there you have it…

The one reason why you can’t get rid of that extra potbelly, hips & back fat may just be drinking too much coffee.

If you’ve reduced your intake of coffee how any cups did you once have and did you experience any of the side effects mentioned above? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Also, by sharing your comment you may be helping someone else to reduce their coffee intake.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have friends, family or colleagues who may benefit from reading this also, please share this post.

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