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My Top Meal Planning Time Saving Tips

If you find it hard to create an eating routine that can be maintained long term and fits into your busy lifestyle then you'll love what I have to share with you today.

When it comes to working out what to eat each week we often get overwhelmed with everything we think that involves...

Coming up with a bunch of new recipes, putting together a detailed meal plan, making all your lunches & snacks on the weekend in one go...

But it doesn't have to be this way!

My philosophy is about making things simple, easy and sustainable long term so to help make the whole process that much easier below are my top meal planning time saving tips.

Make 1-2 Freezable Meals/Snacks Each Week

This may include protein balls, muesli bars, soup, stews, rissoles etc... When you make 1-2 freezable items a week you begin to gradually fill up the freezer with grab and go meals.

Make Extra for Dinner

When you make extra for dinner (i.e. double the recipe or make an extra 1-2 serves) you have leftovers which you can use for lunches or freeze and have as extra grab and go meals for the following week.

Create a List of Weekly Meal Ideas

Spend 20 minutes (just the once) writing down a bunch of dinner ideas on a piece of paper then sticking it on your fridge. If you can come up with a list 15 different dinner ideas you wont have think up what to make for dinner anymore, simply choose your dinner options off the list each week!

Give these tip a go this week and let me know how you get on! You'll be surprised at how a few simple changes to your routine can make a big difference.

PS. If you never want to worry about finding healthy recipes or planning out the weekly meals every again why not check out the Healthy Meal Plan Bundle?

This bundle includes 5 different Meal Plans with Shopping Lists and easy tasty Recipes, 14 weeks of meals all planned out and ready to go, over 250 healthy, easy & tasty recipes. It's suitable for singles, couples, families and those with gluten/lactose intolerances.

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