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My Top 5 Must Have Pantry Items

I was just going through my pantry and realised I should make a video about the staple items I use in cooking and what my top 5 pantry items are.

These are pantry items that I'll buy and get a lot of use out of and make many recipes from

...which means you only have to purchase fresh ingredients and a few replacement staple ingredients at any one time!

To check out my top 5 pantry items click on the play button on the video below:

In the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Kit I have included a "Staple Ingredients List" which includes these pantry items and many more which makes up over 50 healthy and tasty recipes.

This Kit also includes: a comprehensive 3 Week Meal Plan, done for you shopping lists to match, an easy to follow Getting Started Guide, Meal Planning Guide, over 50 healthy and tasty recipes and much more.

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