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4 morning self care practices that keep me balanced

Today though I wanted to share some of my morning daily self care practices that keep me balanced during the day, even when things go a little awry!

They help keep my head above water, even when things are busy or stressful, and they may help you do the same.

Lets get into them!

SELF CARE PRACTICE 1: Setting Intention

This first daily practice is setting my intention for the day before I get out of bed. I actually do this in the evening too. I simply spend a few minutes focusing on how to want to feel or what I want my day to look like and see/feel it happening.

Some of my intentions are: "I'm going to have a great day today", "I'm going to wake up feel energised and motivated today", "I'm going to feel happy and balanced today" etc... You'll be surprised at how setting your intention can make a big difference to how your day pans out.


My next daily practice is going for a walk in nature before starting my work day. I go for a 30 minute walk with my dogs or on my own and I listen to music or a podcast. I find the movement, sunshine & energy from nature gives me a great kick start to the day.


After my walk I make sure I am hydrated by drinking at least 500ml of water and then make myself a nourishing breakfast whether that's soaked oats with blueberries, smashed avocado on whole meal toast with an egg or a protein smoothie.

SELF CARE PRACTICE 4: Plan for the Day

Lastly I plan my day and create a list of key actions/focuses for the day. If this is a Monday morning, I'll review my quarterly plan, plan my week and then my day. This isn't a lengthy process at all and helps keep me focused and on track with what I require to achieve each day.

If any of these peak your interest or are things you can begin incorporating into your morning routine, give them a go this week! You'll be surprised at how a few self care practices can help with feeling more balanced during the day.

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