How tracking your food intake can help you lose weight

Today I wanted to share with you how tracking your food intake can help with losing those extra kilos and give you with a copy of the tracker I use with clients.

Quite often we go about our daily lives not really realising how much we're eating, if we’re hydrated enough, eating enough veggies in our diet, having too many treats or exercising enough

...then when we have a moment to stop we realise that a few too many kilos have suddenly appeared around our hips we feel surprised, unsure how it happened and believe the only way to resolve it is to go on a diet.

But there is an easier way!

Which is to track your diet intake and core lifestyle habits for at least a week.

When you do this you get a clear picture of what you’re eating, how much you’re drinking, how much sleep you’re getting and how much exercise you’re doing.

Not only do you get clear picture of where you’re at health wise, but you:

  1. Can see what foods and habits may have caused the weight gain;

  2. start to understand what areas may require improvement;

  3. become more conscious of what you’re eating and doing overall;

  4. get to see what you may have eaten too much of or not enough of; and

  5. begin to see how certain habits link in with one another i.e. lack of sleep may result in not having the time or energy to prepare a healthy meal or cause you to reach for a sugar boost.

Also, when you write down everything you’re eating and doing for a whole week you can often be motivated to not eat or do certain things... so you don't have to write them down.

And vice vera you often get motivated to do certain things so you can write them down.

To get started download your Diet and Lifestyle Weekly Tracker spreadsheet which you can use to input your details into.

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