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How to reduce bloating and feel comfy in clothes again

Do you find you get bloated after eating or perhaps you gradually see your stomach expanding throughout the day until your pants are so tight you need to unbutton them?

You're not alone...

Many of the clients I see in my nutrition clinic have suffered with some sort of bloating which can be due to a variety of factors, but what I've found is there are some key things you can start doing today which can have a big impact on reducing the bloat including:

Chewing Food Thoroughly

Many people woof their food down without a second thought which can cause bloating. The chewing process is very important in digestion and helps break food down into much smaller pieces so when it arrives into the stomach there is less work to do to break it down further before entering the small intestine. Large undigested pieces can contribute to not only bloating but pain and gas.

Not Drinking While Eating

Your stomach contains acid which helps break down food, especially protein, however if you drink a glass of water during your meal you dilute the digestive juices which delays digestion and can result in feeling bloated as a result. Its best to wait at least 30-45 minutes after eating before drinking (a few sips is fine, just not large amounts).

Reducing Gluten and Lactose

Many people have an intolerance to gluten and lactose and often find if they eat bread, pasta or drink milk it can cause bloating. If you find this is a regular occurrence it may be worth looking at gluten and lactose free alternatives.

Give these 3 things a go this week and if you find you're still feeling bloated then it may be worth exploring this further by way of a nutrition consultation.

If you would like to transform your eating and lifestyle habits and create a positive relationship with food that is sustainable long term and enjoyable then I invite you to book a FREE 15 Minutes Nutrition Consultation (via phone) by visiting:

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