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How to manage binge eating on weekends

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

This week I thought I'd touch on binge eating as its something I find many women struggle with, especially on the weekends.

We've all found ourselves overeating on snack foods or having a weekend of regret and filled with pizza, ice cream and chocolate. You know your health goals, but it's all too tempting and you simply can't stop!

While a healthy diet does include moderation and room for indulgences, sometimes a weekend binge can throw off your health goals.

Before you know it, you're caught in the endless cycle of eating well throughout the week, overindulging on the weekend, feeling guilt and sorry for yourself before pushing reset on Monday.

Weekend binges often occur because:

  • You're strict all week and want to reward yourself

  • You don't have structure on the weekends

  • You skip meals

  • You have more social engagements

Having a weekend routine and putting some strategies in place can help you break the cycle of weekend binge eating and keep you on track to achieving your health goals.

Setting up a routine and changing your mindset can help to break the cycle of weekend binge eating.


TIP 1: Plan your meals each week ahead of time so you know what you'll be having each day and avoid skipping meals to reduce cravings, overeating or after dinner snacking.

TIP 2: Clean up your environment by stocking your pantry and fridge with fresh, whole foods and avoid stocking sugary/carby treats to reduce temptation.

TIP 3: Identify your triggers - Do you overeat when you're tired, stressed or emotional? Do you associate with these foods with an activity? Knowing your triggers helps you to develop strategies to prevent overeating.

TIP 4: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated as thirst can often be mistaken for hunger and result in over eating.

TIP 5: Eat mindfully and listen to your fullness cues. Slow down, chewing your food thoroughly and focus on the flavours, textures and smells of each bite.

TIP 6: Make exercise part of your weekend routine to keep focused on your health goals.

TIP 7: Track your food intake so you can see how much you're eating. This is a great tool to help you identify if you're eating enough veggies, too much sugary treats or not enough heathy fats etc...

Now you have these 7 steps, pick a few you can start incorporating into your weekend. You'll be surprised at how a few simple changes can make a big difference long term.

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