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How to avoid mindless snacking throughout the day

Do you find yourself snacking continuously throughout the day, not remembering what you ate or when you ate something? I remember working with a lady when I used to live and work in Perth and she was so distracted by her work that one day she bought a chocolate bar and then cried out a short while later... She was upset because she didn't even remember eating it let alone enjoying it!​​ Often when we're distracted ie. eating at our desks at work, doing too many things at once or watching TV we are not focused on what we are putting in our mouths. Mindless eating can lead to unnecessary weight gain, ​​​poor eating habits and digestive disturbances.

But there are a few things you can start doing today to reduce this from occurring and is all comes down to mindful eating. ​Mindful eating sounds so cliche to me, however it's actually really important to do and ultimately ​​boils down to paying attention to what you're eating. We have become so used to being distracted by our super busy lifestyles, social media, and TV apps like Netflix that we've forgotten how to really be in the moment. So to help you get be more mindful with eating below are 3 things to consider next time you reach for something to eat:

  1. Ask yourself "do I really need this right now or am I eating just because?"

  2. Before you start eating taking a few moments to focus on the item by appreciating it i.e. it's appearances, who made it or where the ingredients came from.

  3. ​When you start eating take your time (chew it thoroughly vs wolfing it down) and enjoy every mouthful.

​When you get into the habit of being more mindful with your food you may find you are more satisfied, consume less, have improved digestion and better eating habits. ​​​​ Plus a few simple changes like mindful eating can really make a big difference to your waistline overall. Give these 3 things a go next time you eat something. ​​And, if you'd like to lose a few extra kilos (without dieting), improving your relationship with food, or increase your energy levels in a way that's simple, easy and sustainable... Why not check out my online course?

The Empowered Healthy Habits Program is an 8-Week Weight Loss Course designed to help you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle so you can lose weight and keep it off. For more information visit:

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