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[Free Handout] List of Must Have Healthy Pantry Items

Do you find that when you try out new recipes you often have to buy a bunch of ingredients that you only use one or twice?

It can be such a waste...

Which is why all of the recipes on my website and within the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Kit use similar staple ingredients so you get a lot of use out of them and can make many recipes from them.

They also include ingredients that are easy to find at your local supermarket because who likes to wait a week for ingredients to show up in the post - not me!

So, today I thought I'd share with you the "Must Have Pantry Items" handout from the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Kit to help you stock your pantry with healthy staple ingredients.

Because having a pantry stocked with healthy staple ingredients makes life much easier as you only have to purchase fresh ingredients and a few replacement staple ingredients at any one time!

I hope this handout helps you stock your pantry with a bunch of healthy staple ingredients to save you time and help make your week that much easier.

And, if you don’t have the time to work out what to eat each day let alone find healthy and tasty recipes that are easy to make, then why not check out the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Kit?

This Kit includes a comprehensive 3 Week Meal Plan, done for you shopping lists to match, an easy to follow Getting Started Guide, Meal Planning Guide, over 50 healthy and tasty recipes (with photos) and much more.

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