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[FREE Downloadable Guide] Set your Fridge Up for Success in 5 Easy Steps

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

We one of those unexpected surprises on the weekend... after 12 fantastic years, our trusty Westinghouse fridge decided it had enough 😟.

It was nearly 20 years old so it would have happened eventually.

I actually bought it off my friends Dad way back when and it had survived an interest state relocation and moving house 4 times.

A fridge and how it's set up is key tool for making leading a healthy lifestyle simple and easy!

We are lucky enough to have two fridges so we had to empty out everything into the other fridge / freezer and as you could imagine, it was a jam packed mess!

There was nothing organised about it - the focus was getting the fresh and frozen food into the other fridge so it wouldn't go to waste.

While we waiting for our new fridge to arrive we still had to make make our daily meals... what I noticed was that it took twice as long hunting through the fridge trying to find where the ingredients were.

I'm big on making leading a healthy lifestyle simple and easy and setting your fridge up for success is a key tool to not only save time, but also reduce stress.

When you lead a busy lifestyle and are wanting to eat healthy to lose weight or have more energy reducing the amount of steps to achieve a certain result makes a big difference.


Step 1: Give your fridge and freezer a good clean out, often there are things hiding in our fridge or freezer that have either expired, gone off or have been sitting in a container for far too long.

Step 2: Look at ways to reduce the size of items - could you pre-cut veggies and/or do you have half full containers/bags that could be put into smaller contains/bags.

By cleaning out the fridge and freezer and reducing the size of items you'll now have more space.

Step 3: Now it's about working out the different categories of foods/items in your fridge/freezer - fruit, vegetables, meat/poultry, nuts/seeds, dairy, jars of condiments, frozen left overs or grab and go meals.

Step 4: Then look at which foods/items you use the most and strategically place them in areas of the fridge/freezer so you have easy access vs having to pull items out to get to them.

Step 5: Also to save more time, have a think about keeping certain foods/items together that you use often i.e. to make a salad, smoothie, breakfast etc... This way you are just pulling items out from one shelf or area vs. from different areas of the fridge.

Give these 5 steps a go this weekend, you'll be surprised at how a few simple changes to how you set your fridge and pantry up will make a difference to your time and reduce stress.


To help you do this I've also created a Downloadable 5 Step Guide which you can download by clicking on the image below or by clicking here.

I hope this guide is of help to you in setting your fridge up for success!

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