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[Free Download] Sustainable Weight Loss Strategies for Women over 40

If you're in your 40's and have started to notice the things you used to do to lose weight aren't really working anymore like going on a diet, restricting food intake or increasing intensity of exercise...

Please know this is completely normal.

It's actually often due to a change in our estrogen and progestrone hormones known as peri-menopause which can start as early as age 35, but is often experienced in our 40's.

I see a lot of client who are going through peri-menopause and there are some key things that are really helpful to know when you're going through this change.

Which is why I've created a FREE Sustainable Weight Loss Strategies Guide for women over 40.

This guide includes:

✅ 5 reasons why dieting doesn’t work in 40’s and beyond

✅ How hormone changes affects things

✅ 12 Strategies and how to implement them

✅ An easy to follow action plan

To download your free copy click here.

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