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[Free Download] 30-Day Daily Planner

I'm quite a creative person and I often like to design and create new products or tools that makes yours and my life much easier.

I've been using a To Do List pad for a while now (which I've really liked) but it's not really suited to how I like to track and record my daily actions and activities.

So, I thought I'd create my own and share this with you!

It's a 30-Day Daily Planner (A5 in size) and includes:

  • Word/Mantra of the day

  • Daily Schedule

  • To Do List

  • a General Notes section; and

  • a Daily Meal Tracker

I recommend getting it professionally printed and spiral bound (this is what I've done) or you can sneaky print & bind it at work if you have the facilities :)

(please note its A5 in size, but could be printed 2 per page then cut in half)

To download your free 30-Day Daily Planner click here.

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