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Could eating inconsistently be affecting your metabolism?

Something I've noticed lately and wanted to write about today is I'm seeing more and more clients who are tired, overworked, struggling with their weight and are eating inconsistently as a result.

So I wanted to touch on this in case you're in the same boat and share with you how eating inconsistently could be affecting your metabolism and what to do about it.

Lets get into it!

When your work life and/or home life is super busy it can be easy to skip breakfast, forget to have lunch or just snack during the day then have a big dinner.

This may not seem like a big deal, but when it happens on a regular basis it can be.

When you eat inconsistently there is a lack of available energy being made from food which the body needs for energy and its survival.

The body is super smart and when it identifies a consistent lack of available energy and it's affecting the body's energy demands it can cause your metabolism to adapt in order to protect you by slowing down to conserve energy.

This mechanism was super helpful in the hunter gatherer days where food was scarce as it kept those people alive, however it's not helpful to us in this day and age!

As a result this could cause an increase in weight, make it harder to lose those extra kilos and even contribute to the onset of insulin resistance and high blood pressure.

On the flip side...

When you eat consistently your metabolism works at a normal rate and you are getting adequate energy from food (if you’re eating the right kinds of foods & amounts) to sustain you throughout the day.

What I've noticed with clients who start eating more consistently throughout the day and are consuming nutrient rich foods, they begin to notice their energy levels increase and the weight starts to drop away.

If you find you’re often skipping meals, start by getting back into the habit of eating consistently and ensuring you eat something every 3-4 hours with dinner being the last meal of the day.

You’ll be surprised at how a few simple changes can make a big difference.

And if you'd like some help with getting your diet back why not book in for a nutrition consultation? I offer consults via video and in person.

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