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Can’t achieve your goals? Here’s how to do it…

Today I want to talk about why you can’t achieve those goals that you really really want to achieve and how to easily turn that around.

Check out the video below or keep scrolling to read all about it.

When it comes to setting a goal we get swept up in the excitement of the end game such as having lost those extra kilo’s and fitting into that favorite dress or seeing your future self feeling energised, balanced and strong again.  Which is great, except dreaming about the outcome does not get us there, action is needed to make that goal a reality.  When I was in my 20’s I was a dreamer! I’d dream to the moon and beyond and boy did I have some great dreams…. But many, most, never eventuated as I didn’t take into consideration that work would be involved. This dreaming stops the majority of people dead in their tracks, others will start taking action but then life gets in the way and it all gets a bit too hard resulting in no action being taken at all and that future you fading away.  Regardless of what has happened to stop you in your tracks there is a way to turn this around… it’s called taking a behavioural action step. This simply means doing something that leads you into taking action. Here’s how it works.... Lets say you have set a goal to lose 5kg and your plan to lose the weight by reducing your intake of refined carbohydrates. Then after a hard day at the office you get home all you can think about is putting on your PJ’s and eating a big bowl of pasta in front of the TV! (because that never happens right?) In that moment a behavioural action step would be to walk into the kitchen and pull out the ingredients to make a healthy meal instead and then start cutting up the veggies…  Another example is if you set a goal to go to the gym 4 times per week, but you had a lowesy sleep last night. So, rather than just pressing the snooze button a behavioural action step would be to simply get up out of bed and put on your gym gear.  This really does work… Because when you start doing something the rest of “you” follows. I remember when I had big exam coming up, I would find it soooo hard to find the motivation to get stuck into it as it was such a daunting task and I had other things I wanted to do (of course), but I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t achieve my goal of gaining my qualification and being a Nutritionist.  So, I would remind myself of something my mother often said to me which was“start and the motivation will come” and so I did just that and when I started all of a sudden the motivation would come to keep me going until I was done. It really is that simple, start and the motivation will come.

Try it right now, think of a goal that you want to achieve and what you need to do to make it happen then take a behavioural action step towards making it happen.

You've got this!

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