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Are your portion sizes getting a little too big?

Do you suspect your portions may be getting a little too big? Perhaps you go back for a second helping or are just used to dishing up a large plate of food?

Portion sizes is something many individuals struggle with and it's a habit that once it get's out of control can contribute to weight gain and all sorts of health issues.

Eating large portions can:

  • distend/stretch the stomach and put strain on your body

  • cause reflux as the digestive acid has back flowed into your throat

  • cause pain and bloating from being over full

  • cause you to feel fatigued and tired during the day and not refreshed upon waking in the morning as considerable energy is required by the body to digest the food

  • Contribute to weight gain as you're consuming excess food that the body cannot utilise quick enough and in turn stores it in fat cells for later use.

But don't worry! You don't have to cut your portion sizes in half and go hungry to begin reducing them down...

When working out how much to eat simply clasp both your hands together…

This is the size of your stomach and how much food can fit into it once chewed, noting additional room is required so it has room to effectively carry out digestion.

A few simple ways to begin reducing those portions in a way that's is by:

  1. Reducing your portion by 1/5

  2. Chewing your food thoroughly and mindfully

  3. Avoiding sitting in front of the TV when eating as this can contribute to over eating

  4. Using a smaller plate/bowl

  5. Making a more nutrient dense meal so you feel fuller quicker

Give a few of these a go today, you'll be surprised at how a few simple changes to the way you do your meals can make a big difference.

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