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7 upgrades that makes preparing meals that much easier

I was thinking about what to write about this week and I thought I'd share some kitchen upgrade ideas that could make preparing and cooking meals much easier for you (if you haven't already got these things).

When your life is little chaotic, making meals can sometimes be the last thing you want to do....

However, when you have good tools for the job - it makes cooking much quicker and easier!

Check out the 7 kitchen upgrade ideas below:

1. Chef Knife

I've had my chef knife for over 20 years - it cost me $50 back then and has been the best investment. It's perfectly balanced, sharp (when I sharpen it!) and makes chopping food super easy. I find you only really need one knife, but different sizes do come in handy too.

2. Chopping Board

Get rid of those thin plastic or glass chopping boards. Invest in something that is sturdy, a good weight and an easy size to cut food on then wash and put away. I personally have a few different sized wooden boards and they are great to cut on.

3. Bowls/Containers

Invest in a variety of different sized bowls that you can put chopped veggies into when you're prepping dinner and containers that are freezer friendly. Getting bowls with lids are good too as you can chop then store them in the fridge for later and having containers that fit a few different serves make freezing then defrosting easy too.

4. Measuring Cups and Spoons

Having good measuring cups and spoons makes it really easy to measure the right amounts out vs guessing with spoons and coffee cups.

5. All in One Equipment

I personally have a thermomix, I refused to buy one for years then realised I could get rid of my blender, food processor, mixer and scales! It makes my life so much easier especially as I can put on soup, stew, risotto, sauces etc... and walk away and do other things until they're cooked. Investing in something that is an all-in-one can be really helpful (there are so many different types out there for all budgets).

6. Food Saving Containers

Food saving containers are great for keeping fruit and veggies fresh! Especially if you life in hot climates like Darwin where food goes off very quickly. I personally have the Tupperwear food saving containers but you can also get similar ones from K-Mart and Woolworths/ Coles has food saving bags which come in handy too.

7. Beeswax Wraps

These wraps come in all different shapes and sizes, are great for the environment and make it easy to quickly wrap up half cut veggies / fruit or to cover bowls. You simply store them in a drawer and pull them out as you need them vs trying to wrangle / fiddle with the clingwrap.

You may have some of these upgrades in place already, however even if you make just a few upgrades you'll find it will make preparing and making meals that much easier.

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