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5 Quick & Easy Meal Planning Tips

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Hi Lovely,

I’m not sure about you but the weekends for me are a great time to make a bunch of meals in bulk, which I divide up and freeze or keep in the fridge for a few days.

Some of the things I like to make include soups, stews, curries, quiches, muesli bars and protein balls.

They last ages in the freezer and are easy grab & go foods making leading a healthy lifestyle when you’re busy easy!

Today I wanted to share with you 5 quick & easy meal planning tips to help you save time for the things you love to do rather than being suck in the kitchen.

Tip 1

Setting aside a day each week to plan out the next week’s meals and snacks.

This is really helpful because what makes leading a healthier lifestyle hard is when you have to constantly think up things to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and sometimes is just easier to grab what’s near by… typically something not so healthy leaving you feeling tired, fatigued and just blagh.

Tip 2

You guessed it… making a bunch of meals in bulk! This is so you can have easy grab and go meals and snacks.

If you check out the website there is heaps of quick, easy & tasty recipes that you can make in bulk.

Tip 3

Cutting up ingredients in advance and keeping them in an air tight container to use when making up your breakfast, lunches or dinners.

Tip 4

Prepare your work meals the night before, especially if you leave the house each day to go to work as the last thing most people feel like doing in the morning is spending time preparing their food for the day. This practice allows you to simply grab and run out the door.

Tip 5

My last tip is making up a big salad, but just the basic ingredients such as lettuce, spinach, cucumber, carrot, celery, tomato etc… and storing it in an airtight container.

The purpose of this is when you make your lunch or dinner you can add other salad ingredients such as sprouts, avocado, feta, sauerkraut (which is a great natural probiotic) and different dressing so you’re not eating the same type of salad each day.

Start by taking action right now:

  1. Set aside a day each week to plan out the next week’s meals and snacks;

  2. Make a bunch of meals in bulk so you have easy grab and go meals and snacks;

  3. Cut up ingredients in advance and keeping them in an airtight container to use when making up your meals;

  4. Prepping food the night before so you can just grab & go in the morning; and

  5. Make up a basic salad then build on it and make different salads throughout the next 2-4 days.

There you have it 5 meal planning tips to make leading a healthier lifestyle easy!

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