5 Foundational Habits to Help You Lose Weight

As a Nutritionist I see a lot of individuals who want to lose weight and over time I've noticed there are 5 common habits that I recommend clients put in place so they can sustainably create healthier habits and lose those extra kilos and keep them off sustainably.

These habits may seem simple, but they are super effective:

Habit 1: Work On Your Mindset

Mindset is everything and when you can begin to identify those thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are holding you back from being your best self and create an empowered mindset your internal and external world changes.

Habit 2: Watch Your Portion Sizes

Having large portions and overeating can be a big contributor to weight gain, digestive disturbances and feeling tired after eating. By looking at ways to reduce your portion sizes over time and eating lighter you’ll begin to feel lighter, have less digestive disturbances and more energy.

Habit 3: Stay Hydrated

Water is the crucial component of all bodily fluids and is involved in almost every function such as: circulation, digestion, absorption and elimination of waste. It’s recommended to drink a minimum of 2 litres per day.

Habit 4: Increase Your Intake of Veggies

Did you know that around 10% of Australian’s get their 5 serves of veggies each day? It’s no wonder over 65% of our population are overweight or obese. Veggies are super important because they infuse your body with nutrients to help your body run optimally, they assist with weight loss, improve your energy levels and have a protective effect on the body.

Habit 5: Keep Treats as Treats

This is a big one… we are surrounded by temptations all day every day and it’s no wonder treats have become a big part of our lives vs a sometimes food and why so many Australian’s struggle with their weight. In this challenge we look at ways to keep treats as treats and look at healthier alternatives to treats as well.

I hope these 5 habits are helpful to you!

Want help with changing your eating habits?

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