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5 Energy Boosting Snack Recipes

I've been spending time with my Mum this week, she flew up from Perth to visit and is here until Wednesday. It's been so nice spending quality time with her - something we don't get very often as we live in different states. Before she arrived I prepped a bunch of things so we didn't have to focus too much on what we're going to eat each day inc. snack ideas, salads, meals and things for breakfast.. Which is why I wanted to touch on snack ideas today. Not just any snacks... healthy snacks that give you energy, nourish your body, help you feel full and taste great! When you eat snacks high in sugar, carbs and/or saturated fat they often give you a sugar high then a low, cause you still feel hungry and can result in cravings as they lack substance and nutrients. Healthy snacks on the other hand are high in nutrition, give you energy, nourishing your body and keep you fuller for longer. Below are my 5 favourite energy boosting snacks:

1. Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are a great way to infuse your body with nutrients, reduce cravings and gives you a great boost in energy! To check out my favourite green smoothie recipe clicking here, it includes 3-4 serves of veggies which is a great way to boost your intake in one go.

2. Chocolate Protein Balls

This is one of my Mums yummy recipes! 100% raw and delicious. A perfect on the go guilt free snack. High in protein, fibre & is nutrient dense (packed full of vitamins & minerals). These balls can also be frozen and used as grab and go snacks. Click here for the recipe.

3. Veggie Sticks and Hommus

This snack is a great way to increase your veggie intake and at the same times boosts your energy levels and keep you full afterwards due to the protein content from the hommus. You can even pre-prepare veggie sticks and little containers of store bought hommus to last you several days at a time.

4. Nourishing Energy Bars

These healthy energy bars are high in protein, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals and are another great energy boosting snack. They can also be made in bulk and frozen so you have grab and go snacks that last. Click here for the recipe.

5. Smashed Avocado with Plain Corn Chips

The humble avocado is packed full of omega 3 and as is a healthy fat that keeps you fuller for longer. It's technically a fruit rather than a veggie and is also high in vitamins and minerals inc. B vitamins that help with giving you energy. Simply smash up an avocado, add a splash of lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt then add a small handful of plain corn chips.

I hope you enjoy these healthy & tasty snack ideas!

You'll be surprised at how a few simple snack swops can make a big difference to your energy levels.

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