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5 Easy to Implement Sustainable Weight Loss Principles

When it comes to sustainable weight loss we often think it's much more complicated than it actually is mostly due to the amount of conflicting information out there.

And it's no wonder we feel this way especially when the anti carb movement told us to cut out whole grains or when we learn't that the humble potato was bad for us, then we saw that whole grains and potatoes were good for us.

... then the low fat diet told us to cut fats (inc. healthy fats) but then Keto came about and told us to eat a diet high in fats! It's so confusing!!

Today I want to make it easy for you and share 5 Easy to Implement Sustainable Weight Loss Principles that are timeless and ones you can start right now to help you on your sustainable weight loss journey:

Principle 1: Increase Nutrient Rich Foods

Increase your intake of nutrient rich foods to which amount to at least 80% of your diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts & seeds, legumes, lentils and beans; lean proteins etc... Ideally your plate/meal should include roughly: 50% veggies with some fruit, 25% protein and 25% whole grains.

Principle 2: Reduce Low Nutrient Foods

Reduce your intake of low nutrient foods to having them amount to 10-20% of your diet and have them a sometimes foods i.e. white bread and pasta, lollies, white sugar, hot chips, take-away that is high in saturated fat etc...

Principle 3: Maintain Hydration

Maintain adequate hydration by drinking at least 2-3L of water a day as water is involved in every bodily process from chewing to digestion to absorption and elimination of waste.

Principle 4: Exercise Daily

Incorporate exercise into your daily routine by going for a walk or run, going to the gym, enrolling in a team sport, doing the stairs at work etc... Ideally you want to be doing at least 30 minute of exercise a day where your heart rate is raised.

Principle 5: Reduce Stress

Look at ways to reduce the level of stress in your life whether that is learning to say "no" more often, going for a walk in nature, reducing your caffeine intake, attending a yoga class, doing belly breathing throughout the day (i.e. 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out for 1-2 minutes) etc...

By putting these principles in place over a period of time you'll begin to notice that you'll start to feel lighter and comfier in your clothes, have more energy, feel more alert, have a greater sense of well being and more.

My philosophy is about about putting in place small changes over a period of time as I find this has the biggest impact in the long term.

I hope these principles are helpful to you on your sustainable weight loss journey.

Also, If you would like to transform your eating and lifestyle habits and create a positive relationship with food that is sustainable long term and enjoyable then I invite you to book a FREE 15 Minutes Nutrition Consultation by visiting:

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