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3 Tips to Boost Your Nutrition Intake

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Do you find that you often don't have enough energy, are tired or just feel flat? Today I wanted to share with you how boosting your intake of nutrients can have such a profound effect on your energy levels, happiness and waistline. I'll be providing you with 3 simple tips to help you do this plus also sharing some information on the new online course that I’ve created, if you're wanting to learn exactly how to take control of your health moving forward. I find it fascinating how boosting your intake of nutrients can have such an effect on your body and often instantaneously such as:

  • your hair gets stronger

  • your skin looks brighter as well as your eyes

  • that bloating goes away

  • you have more energy

  • you feel vibrant and awake

  • you’re more productive in so many ways

  • you feel much more happier!

It saddens me to see so many individuals going about their lives feeling unhappy about their body, feeling tired, unmotivated and depressed.

This is no way to live…

To make it worse, we think we cant change anything about our situation. If we did attempt to change we think that it'll be hard, too complicated and time consuming... who has the energy for it anyway? But boosting your intake doesn’t have to be hard! It’s actually not complicated at all, quick to do and doesn’t take that much energy in comparison to other things. To get started here are 3 simply ways to boost your energy right now:

  1. Add more veggies to your dinners and lunches, one handful at a time;

  2. Snack on celery, carrot and cucumber sticks - they go well with hummus and guacamole; and

  3. Have green smoothie or juices, it's a great way to get 3-4 serves of veggies on one hit (check out these recipes)!

These things may seem simple but they will have a big impact on your energy levels. Your body needs a good amount of nutrients to function optimally so by boosting your intake you'll not only function optimally but you'll feel amazing, energised and you'll notice changes to your waistline. If you'd like to learn more about the basics of nutrition I’ve just created a short online course that you may be interested in called Fundamentals of Nutrition to find out more visit:

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