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3-Step Process to Kick Binge Eating to the Curb

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Today I thought I'd touch on binge eating as its something many women struggle with especially on the weekends, during stressful times or leading up to the monthly cycle.

You may find yourself eating too many snacky foods, overeating in general or having a weekend filled with too much pizza, ice cream and chocolate.

While a healthy diet does include moderation and room for indulgences, emotional / binge eating can throw off your health goals.

Binge eating (also known as emotional eating) can trap you in an endless cycle of eating well > then getting triggered, leading you to overindulge in a big way > then feeling guilty and bad about it resulting in pushing the reset button and starting the cycle all over again.

You may feel the solution is needing to be stronger with yourself, having more will power or learning to just resist those urges.

But it's not about that at all...

Instead... It's about addressing the cause and putting things in place to reduce / prevent their occurrence from happing in the first place.

To help you kick binge eating to the curb below is a 3-Step Process I take my clients through to help you get you started:

STEP 1. Identify Your Triggers

Do you binge eat when you're tired, board or emotional? Or do particular events/things trigger you - i.e. busy week at work, restricting your diet all week, monthly cycle? Knowing what triggers you is the first and most important step in kicking binge eating.

STEP 2. Addressing the Emotional Triggers

What changes or tweaks could you make to reduce or prevent these from occurring? Perhaps it's making sure you're getting enough sleep, finding ways to increase joy in your life (i.e. creative projects, learning something new, join social groups etc...) or journalling to help you address the emotional upset.

STEP 3. Addressing the Event Triggers

What changes or tweaks could you make to reduce or prevent these events from causing binge eating? It could be looking at ways to better support yourself during those busy week. Instead of restricting your diet all week focus on eating consistently and having healthy and tasty meals/snacks you enjoy. Or it could be having healthy treat swops available when you have your monthly cycle.

Give this process a go today. The smallest of changes can make a big difference to helping you kick binge eating to the curb.

And, as always if you'd like some help with this why not book an appointment with me (in-person or via Telehealth)?

I can help you in creating a Sustainable Healthy Eating Plan that is tailored to your stage in life, dietary needs, habits and busy lifestyle.

Simply reply to this email (I'm just on the other end) or visit:

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