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[3-Part Series] Overcome not feeling motivated enough

Welcome to the first email of the 3 Part Series on Overcoming the Top 3 Blocks that prevent most women from making sustainable change!

This series is to get you ready for the 5 Day Creating Healthy Habits Challenge. You'll receive an email to sign up to the challenge in a few weeks time.

This very first email is all about motivation! Specifically about when you're not feeling motivated to take the action on the things you know you need to be doing to make positive change in your life.

So I ask you this "do you struggling with finding the motivation to make change?"

Changes that deep down you really want to make so you can feel happier, healthier and lighter.

I often hear people say "I’m not motivated enough", "I struggle with having the will power" or "I’m just too lazy".

But are you really not motivated, lacking in will power or lazy? I don't believe so.

I believe the main reasons why we don’t make change is because we think it’s going to be too hard.

If you believe something is “too hard” you won’t want to take another step forward because, it’s too hard.

When it comes to losing weight or changing your eating habits you may think that you’ll be restricted, it’ll be time consuming and you’ll have to eat bland boring foods.

Which may be true if you were going on a diet, but it is not true if you’re simply creating healthier habits.

When we create healthier habits we start by making one change at a time by tweaking what you’re already doing or introducing something new.

By doing this we make the change process simple and easy.

So your challenge today is to have a think about one small change you can make and do it today.

It could be to:

1. add an extra serve of veggies to your lunch or dinner

2. reduce your portion size down by 1/5

3. go for a 15 minute walk

You’ll be surprised at how a few simple changes can make a big difference and how simple and easy it can be.

Take action now! To help you feel supported and accountable share the one change you made in the Healthy Habits Made Easy Facebook Group so we can all cheer you on! Next Tuesday I'll be sending you the second email of the series which is all about what to do when you find it hard to be consistent and how to stay on track in a way that is simple, easy and sustainable long term.

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