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3 Mindset shifts to get yourself motivated and back on track

Just wanted to share with you a Facebook Live that I did in the Empowered Healthy Habits Group where I spoke about motivation and the 3 key mindset shifts to get yourself unstuck and back on track. 

I often hear people say "I’m not motivated enough", "I struggle with having the will power" or "I’m too lazy". 

But are you really not motivated, lacking in will power or lazy? I don't think so....

It’s more likely that you like the idea of being at your ideal weight or healthy, but you’re not ready to make changes or you see it as too hard or are blocked. In this video I talk about these things in more detail and 3 mindset shifts you can make right now to get yourself unstuck and back on track. Check out the video below:

I hope this video has given you some insights into the real reasons why you may not feel motivated and how to get yourself unstuck and back on track.  Take Action Now Listening to this video is great, but applying what you learn will get you REAL results! So have a think about:

  1. What is your deeper reason for wanting to lose those extra kilos or lead a healthier lifestyle?

  2. What is one simple habit you can put in place today to start the momentum?

  3. What is one feeling you know you're not dealing with right now and what is one thing you can do to begin resolving this?

Want help with changing your eating habits?

If you'd like some help with changing your eating habits so you can have more energy, lose those extra kilo's and keep them off for the long term then why not book in for a FREE 30 Minutes Healthy Habits Session (via phone)? Click here to book in:

During the session we look at where you're at right now, where you want to be and what steps you can put in place to help you get there.

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