Finally an easy answer to “what on earth am I going to make for dinner tonight!”


….and breakfast, and lunch plus don’t forget the snacks

Introducing the Ultimate Healthy Meal Plan Bundle

14 Weeks of Meal Plans, Shopping Lists and Easy Tasty Recipes all done for you

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Valued at $250

This meal plan bundle is for those who struggle with finding healthy and tasty recipes, are wanting to lose weight and have more energy but don't have the time to work out what to eat each day!​


Does this sound familiar?


You know you should eat healthier and be making healthy meal choices 

…but you find it really hard to stick to 


And… you know that there are healthy and tasty recipes out there waiting to be discovered

…but finding them is another story


Does this sound like you?


You start the week off with good intentions, but by Friday you’ve forgotten all about it and have gone back to your old eating habits


You start searching for new healthy meal ideas online and 30 minutes in your eyes are glazed over and you tell yourself that it’s easier just make what you’ve always made.

That is where the Ultimate Meal Plan Bundle comes in… and why you'll never have to worry about what to eat each day ever again!

Benefits of the "Ultimate Healthy Meal Plan Bundle"

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  1. Feel lighter and have more energy in 14 days

  2. Five different 2-3 Week Healthy Meal Plans with shopping lists and easy tasty recipes

  3. 14 weeks of done for you meal plans

  4. Over 250 healthy, easy & tasty recipes

  5. Suitable for singles, couples, families, suitable for gluten/lactose intolerances; vegan, vegetarian & diabetes friendly


Nice to meet you!

I'm Louise Ellen, a qualified Nutritionist who loves food, is big on planning and organisation, enjoys being in nature and has been in the nutrition space for over 10 years.

I run an evening and weekend nutrition clinic in Darwin, Australia and I've helped 100’s of women create healthy habits in a way that is simple and easy so they can lose weight sustainably, feel happier within themselves and have more energy.

My super power is making things simple and easy, putting plans and tools together that makes life easier and helping individuals improve their eating habits, lose those extra kilos and have more energy in a way that is sustainable. 

Here's a breakdown of everything included in the Ultimate Meal Plan Bundle

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Two Week Weight Loss Meal Plan

Two week meal plan with shopping lists and easy plus tasty recipes. Designed by a qualified nutritionist to help you lose weight, feel happier & have more energy. It contains well-balanced and nourished meals and also allows for treats so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.​ 

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x4 Three Week Healthy Meal Plan Programs

3 Week Super Easy Meal Plan, 3 Week Body Recharge Meal Plan, 3 Week Clean Eating Meal Plan and a 3 Week Budget Friendly Meal Plan. 


Easy to Follow Meal Plans

There are 14 weeks worth of meal plans in total and each comes with an easy to follow meal plan that takes the planning out of your meals as it's all done for you.


Done-For-You Shopping Lists that makes shopping easy!​

There are 14 done-for-you shopping lists which are divided up into categories to make shopping quick and easy

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Over 250 Easy and Tasty Healthy Recipes

Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. All the recipes have photos so you know what you’re cooking and contain easy to find ingredients and easy to follow method.

Plus there are Bonuses valued at $175!

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7 Weeks Worth of Additional Recipe Bundles

Slow Cooker Recipes, Pressure Cooker Recipes, Family Friendly Recipes, Freezer Meal Recipes, Meal Prep Recipes, Sunday Meal Prep Recipes and One Pan Meal Recipes. All with a 5-7 Day Meal plan, shopping list and 100 recipes in total. 


Top Juicing Recipes

This recipe book includes a bunch of delicious and easy to follow juicing recipes to give you a boost in energy, help curb those cravings and assist you on your weight loss journey.


5 Day Detox Guide

This Reboot Your Body in 5 Days Detox Guide walks you through what to expect, what to eat, and what to avoid during your detox as well as provides you with a 5 day meal plan and easy to make recipes. 

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More Recipes and Meal Combination Guides that makes coming up with more healthy meals super easy!

Green Smoothie Recipes, 5 Step Healthy Dinner Formula, Make Your Own Poke Bowl Guide and a Healthy Lunchbox Ideas Guide.


Must Have Pantry Items that Nutritionists swear by!

In this handout you'll receive a list of must have pantry items so you know what key ingredients to be stocking in your pantry. When you have these items it makes your weekly food shopping quick and easier as many of the ingredients last longer than a week, some a month or more.

Total Value of bundle and bonuses = $425

PLEASE NOTE: All items within this bundle (inc. bonuses) are provided in an electronic format and are downloadable


I want to make sure you love this bundle


I get it, times like these even the smallest of investments make you think twice. So I am taking away all the risk.

Because if you jump in and buy this highly valuable kit today, you are 100% covered by my 7-day money back guarantee.

So if at any time in the next 7-days, you think this is not AT LEAST worth the teeny investment you are making today, all you need to do is email me and let me know and I'll refund you in full.

So you literally have nothing to lose (and oh so much to gain!)

Hear from those who have worked with me in the past

As this is a brand new offer and you may not know me from a bar of soap, I thought you'd like to hear from those that I've worked with in the past to see that this offer is real and genuine 


Imagine if...

You felt lighter and had more energy in 14 days time?

You never had to worry about coming up with with healthy recipe ideas ever again?


You were able to be consistent with eating healthier because you had everything all planned out for you and ready to go?

This is how it really can be and how it can be for you moving forward

If you're ready to feel lighter and have more energy, be equipped with enough healthy and tasty recipes to last a lifetime and 14 weeks of done for you meal plans & shopping lists...

Then what are you waiting for?