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Ready to lose weight without dieting?

Are you ready to lose those extra kilo's, have more energy, improve your eating habits or better manage a condition/disease without dieting?

Then you've come to the right place!


My name is Louise Ellen and I'm a qualified Nutritionist based in Darwin (born & raised in Perth). I run an evening and weekend clinic (online & face-to-face) and see clients all around Australia.

I'm a little different to the typical Nutritionist whereby I don't do diets, weighing food, counting calories or macro's for that matter.

Instead, I help individuals lose weight, have more energy and improve their eating habits by creating healthy habits in a way that is simple, easy and sustainable. 

I am a huge advocate for empowering your with the tools, knowledge and know how so you can be equipped with everything you need to create sustainable change for the long term.

As a Nutritionist I work with you to create a Personalised Healthy Habits Plan that is tailored to your dietary needs and how you live your life so you can:

  • lose those extra kilo's; 

  • Have more energy;

  • improve your eating habits; and/or

  • better manage a condition or disease.


This plan is also quick and easy to implement, which is perfect for those who don't have a lot of time!

If you'd like to see if a Personalised Healthy Habits Plan or any of my other programs are for you I invite you to book in for a FREE 30 Minute Nutrition Consult (via phone)

During this no obligation free session you'll:

  1. get a clear picture on where you are at right now health wise;

  2. clearly define where you want to be with your weight and eating habits;

  3. get an understanding of what may be stopping you or standing in your way; and

  4. know exactly what steps can be put in place to help you get there. 

The first step towards make real and lasting change, to your weight and eating habits, starts with taking the first action step that will set you in the right direction.

Book your Free 30 Minute Nutrition Consult now by clicking on the button below:

Ps. If you're not able to find a time that suites, please email me at louise@louiseellennutrition.com.au as there may be other times available.