I’m happy in the knowledge that I’m feeding my family well

"Louise helped out family look at our eating habits and create a personalised healthy eating plan that caters to our family’s busy lifestyle and to that of our peanut allergic children. We have made several changes to pantry items and I’m happy in the knowledge that I’m feeding my family well! I love the shopping and meal planner and was happy to receive a follow up visit and feedback also. Thank you Louise, for all your support and advice" - Kaitlin.

I was amazed how she made the whole daunting process such an enjoyable experience


"I had no idea where to start! I wanted to eat healthy but getting started was another story as the amount of information out there was overwhelming. Louise and I met up for a consult and I was amazed how she made the whole daunting process such an enjoyable experience! She took all my needs into consideration and created a meal plan that worked for me plus gave me heaps of ideas to get me started - she even took me to my local health shop and showed me what foods were the best to eat and why. Thank you Louise your advice was a great help!" - Deirdre. 

I lost 5 kilo's in 2 months

"I would like to thank you for your valuable assistance. Thanks to your advice and easy-to-follow guidelines, I have lost 5 kilos in the last 2 months, without feeling restricted or tired. I've allowed myself one day per week of "forget about nutrition rules and just have fun!" and this has enabled me to let go of all potential frustrations, and I happily get back to my healthier lifestyle on the next day. I no longer have the mid-afternoon headaches I used to have; I no longer have food cravings; and I generally feel more balanced, fitter and happier. I doubt this would have been possible without your knowledge, support and passion. I would definitely recommend your healthy programs to anyone looking for similar results. Thank you, Louise! - Nelly.

I dropped 2 dress sizes and have heaps more energy

"Thanks for all of the great advice over the last 3 months. I finally feel I have the tools to keep eating healthy moving forward. I've dropped 2 dress sizes and I have HEAPS more energy than I had before. I'll be following your web site (and here on Facebook) to keep up with the fabulous recipes you have and I'll be passing on your details to all of my friends. BTW....LOVE the green smoothies :)" - Mandy 

When it comes to nutrition, Louise's knowledge and advice is accurate

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Louise for 10 years. When it comes to nutrition, her knowledge and advice is accurate and her engaging and warm personality keeps me inspired and accountable. Louise’s consultations are so much more and full of easy to understand information and she has so many good, simple and delicious recipes! Louise is one of the most passionate people I know and can help anyone who wants to make healthy lifestyle changes.  I would recommend her again and again! - Tracey.